Analytics is one of the core functions of Perfficiency. Some people find it strange but we actually get excited when we look at raw data with the view that we will uncover trends and opportunities which were previoulsy hidden leading to our customers saving money and becoming more efficient.

All of our analysts are numerically and commercially astute therefore have understanding of the impact of the numbers. We are therefore able to offer analytical assistance for a variety of purposes such as:

  • Cost Modelling
  • Data and information dashboards / kpi packs
  • Cost to Serve Analysis
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Data Science and Advanced Analytics
  • Qualitative analysis such as market and competitor analysis

We have implemented ‘live analytics dashboards’ to a number of our customers which are browser based solutions which you are able to monitor your key key performance indicator’s (KPI’s) and dashboards anywhere. These can then be accessed on the move using your mobile devices such as phones and ipads. This can be bespoke to the data and sources of data available to you. in addition we also provide some of our customers KPI packs including hard copies detailing key business KPI’s and using detailed graphs to trend variances.

We have access to advanced tools such as SPSS, Cognos and Watson allowing us to drill right into data to understand it in ways you would have not previously thought of, this really helps our customers understand root causes of their operations they were previously unaware of the impact.

We also have advanced tools to create many visual options for representing your data including heat maps to show volumes and sales by particular areas, countries or regions.

We are experts in Logistics Cost Modelling, our founder was Head of Commercial at Eddie Stobart for a number of years and implemented various costing methodologies that are still in place their today. As part of our Logistics Cost Modelling consultancy offerings we offer a number of services that are aimed at making your cost to serve proposals accurate, competitive and profitable!

Our solution usually starts with:


  • Identifying Target Market
  • In depth analysis of the operation to understand any hidden costs that can be unlocked
  • Financial Analysis of the operation to understand direct and indirect costs for the service
  • Data Analysis
  • Geographical Volume Flows & Balances
  • Empty Running Analysis
  • Turnaround Times at Collection & Delivery Location

Even with the best analytical tools and systems, your information is worthless if you have bad data. Having clean accurate data is critical to any analytics project or process. To capture the most wealth from your data you must have a strategy to identify, capture and store that data to then enable you to analyse and visualise that data as meaningful information. We will work with you right through this data value chain, firstly on the process of identifying the data required, how you record it, how it is stored and then how we can transform this into meaningful information. this can be in the form of live dashboard, kpi packs or bespoke analytical projects.

Businesses are just beginning to harness the power of AI and turning data into new ways of doing business. We can help you mine your data for insights to enable you to make more informed decisions. Through technology you can teach your systems to learn to predict potential outcomes. This could be to make forecasting or growth decisions based on a number of potential scenarios we could develop using your data.

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