The Four C’s for Great Leadership

Perfficiency believe that there are four key principles to great leadership. These are our 4 C’s.

  1. Confidence

  2. Commitment

  3. Communication

  4. Courage

Whether you are an experience business owner, just starting out as an entrepreneur or moving into your first management role. You can use these 4 principles to ever improve your leadership.

Most of us when entering a leadership role will have proficient abilities in at least one of the four C’s mentioned above but if you look at the true great leaders in business, politics or sport they will possess all four C’s.

So when reading this, you are thinking these 4 terms are so broad they could be associated with anything… and that’s the point! We are all individual and will each have our own techniques on leadership but you will see that all great leaders show these 4 C’s. so to help narrow it down.


When being a great leader you must always be confident in your decisions? When making a decision if you seem confident it will be a calming influence on your teams. If you are not confident then that will swell and create uncertainty in the team and raise questions on you ability to decision make. You must also portray confidence in your teams. If you show belief in them they will pay you back with hard work.


You must always be committed to the purpose. If you do not give your full commitment to a decision, a goal or your team you will inevitably fail. Goals will not be met and your team will not succeed.


Arguably the most important C, communication is vital for success in any field. You have to communicate effectively your requirements, needs and benefits. You could have the best idea or business in the world but if you do not communicate the benefits of it correctly how will customers find out about it? If you do not communicate tasks effectively this can result in errors, inefficiencies and extra unnecessary costs. If you are a great communicator it can also be a great sales tool. Think of the examples when we have been in meetings or audiences where we have been in the grasp of a great speaker. This is often a natural talent but it is important if you have that natural ability to continually work on your strengths to ever improve.


Courage is a decisive factor in success. When in business or anything else, there will always be a point where there is risk. when there is risk there is opportunity, if those opportunities are of great benefit you have to be courageous to take the risks.

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