Route Rater is a bespoke cost model solution for UK haulage providers. The system enables UK hauliers to produce quotations quickly and accurately using a cost base unique to their business. The routing engine is the core system platform but the costing and analytics dashboards including the key cost components are uniquely developed to their business.

Transport rates can be produced in a matter of seconds, all you need is the start and end location. the distance and travel time (unique to your fleet’s average speed) are then calculated against your unique cost per per minute / cost per mile to calculate an accurate rate unique to your business.

Time, consistency and accuracy are benefits of the system. Your teams will have time when producing quotes, they will be accurate and consistent with all of your other quotes and also as the system and all of the rates can be audited you can check trends and monitor progress.

Web Based Application – Easily Accessible On the Move

The system is web based so is easily accessible on mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and even smartphones so a great tool for your sales teams whilst out on the road! They can give accurate rates to customers whilst offering your services in real time.

The system can only be accessed with username and password and the cost backing detail can only be access by one of your approved administrators, enabling you to lock down the core information so no need to worry about anyone changing any of the cost metrics.

Some Benefits of Route Rater

  • Quotes can be generated within only a few minutes along with detailed cost breakdowns so no need to worry about taking time to respond to sales quotes.
  • The system includes standard cost breakdown dashboards along with bespoke visuals you may need
  • Whether just one route or 150, they can be produced within a matter of only a few minutes using route rater.
  • All quotes are saved and can be uniquely identified so they can be easily searched and audited
  • Automatic downloads to Excel and PDF a with a click of a button
  • Skins and maps are fully customisable so the system can be developed to include your branding, logo’s and colours to make a truly unique system
  • Not as expensive as you might think with bespoke solutions starting from only ¬£249 per month.

Since implementing Route Rater we have been able to produce more quotes faster and more accurately. The increase in productivity has resulted in Eddie Stobart being able to increase sales and revenues. With the improvements Perfficiency have advised us on along with their Route Rater product has allowed Eddie Stobart to win more profitable business. The investment in Route Rater pays for itself in next to no time

Liam Martin, Commercial Director, Eddie Stobart
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