We have implemented dozens of projects from start up plans through project delivery. From recommendations to Results, by Working with Perfficiency you can rely on us to deliver your project.

We have delivered a diverse range of projects including business start-ups, operational transfers from one 3rd party to another including TUPE, system changes and organisational restructuring.

We also look partner with our customers for the long terms so we are always there to offer support beyond any transfer or transition phase.

We can help with:

  • Business startup – we can help you start a business off of the ground or help you implement a new sector as part of an existing business
  • Strategy implementation – we can help you execute new strategies in new and existing businesses.
  • Capability development – we can help your employees build their technical skills to manage new operations
  • Improvement replication – we pilot improvements and then scale them for quicker results in larger organisations, thus limiting any potential risk that change can bring
  • Cash Generation – we help deliver you bottom line improvements from commercial and operational improvements.
  • Change management – we identify any potential barriers before they become an issue and design interventions to enable successful change.

We can help new businesses start up, we can help with writing business plans, financial forecasts, legal advise on setting up a business and also advise on sourcing funding. We will be there with you to help you get your new business up and running.

We vastly experienced with managing and delivering projects. We help our customers move beyond recommendations and tests to achieve long term improvement that is measurable. We will work with you right through the project initialisation stage, building teams, ensuring there is a rigorous sustainable scope, identifying any 3rd party support you need right through to project delivery and beyond.

We have been involved in many successful projects where change has had to be managed, these have included examples of managing transition from one core system to another right through to changing from one 3rd party solution provider to another which also involved many complex HR requirements such as TUPE of Staff and equipment.

Our Clients